Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Rant and A Promise

This is my car. Yes, you read correctly: my car. The other night, my car was broken into and property was stolen. I am shocked, hurt, livid, and I feel totally violated. I found out about this when a police officer rang my bell yesterday morning and informed me that my car window had been smashed.

I answered the door, wearing my PJs. The husband and I had just finished our morning coffee and I had just began cleaning the house. I was asked if the car in question was mine and if so, I needed come outside and check if anything was taken. As soon as I heard the word, "taken," I felt an instant sense of dread. I brought home an item from work on Friday afternoon. Due to the activity over the weekend (Father's Day), I forgot this item was in my car and lo and behold, now it is gone. I feel like such an idiot. I am also mad someone thinks they can vandalize others' property and steal. How does trash like this sleep at night?!

I try very hard in my daily life to be kind, considerate, polite, and a lady. Sure, I have my faults, but I feel confident in saying that I am a nice, good person. I also try to honor the good in people but situations like this really let down my hopes for a kind, thoughtful humanity.

Despite my disappointment, I have to be strong and need to be positive. Thankfully, no one was hurt, my car is covered my insurance, and my work also has insurance on the stolen item. I have filed a police report and made all the necessary calls to repair my car window. Moreover, I will use this experience to be more diligent when it comes to leaving valuables in the car.

I am still upset but I know in the end, all will be okay. However, I hope the person or persons who did this will get caught and get what they deserve. Although I have been victimized, I will hold my head high and continue to be courteous, intelligent, and classy.


  1. oh, I am SO sorry to hear that this happened to you! I hate to hear about terrible things happening to good people. I'm amazed at how poised you are after all of that! You are right, what goes around comes around. If the vandal/thief isn't caught and punished, they will pay- Karma always has a way of catching up to people when they least expect it!

  2. Brittany,

    Thank you for your compliment. I being positive for the most part but there is a bit of me that wants to scream. The officer was very nice and super helpful. I really feel for my fellow neighbors who were also victimized. I was not the only one so I hope this person or persons (if they even can be labeled people), get their karmic comeuppance. So, you are indeed right: karma will get their sorry behinds! Maybe not right away, but it will catch up to them!

  3. That's awful! Very sorry to hear that, but thank you for sharing. It is a powerful reminder (to many, I'm sure) to never be too careful. Especially to me, I never seem to make protecting my things a priority.

    And I agree with your manners and stance. I would rather be bullied a million times over than ever be the bully myself.

  4. Nicole,

    Thank you for your comments. I am so going to use this as a reminder to not be lazy ever again! I will leave nothing in the car.

    As for manners, I try to be a lady but some days, I wanna snap back. I think it just feels good saying that I do and feeling it but it's better to just let it go.

  5. That's terrible! You are taking it very well. I hope you don't loose any sleep over this. :)

  6. Ugh!That is so horrid I am sorry to hear that happened to you.I don't know how people can steal and sleep at night.

  7. Oh I'm so sorry this happened to you, I hope they get what they deserve too!

  8. Thank you, everyone, for your concerns! I am okay but the only annoying thing is not having a car due to the broken window. The glass repair place stated that my make and model's window is a special order and as a result, have to wait to have it replaced until the window comes in. Joy. I have to bum a ride to work with the husband or neighbor. I am lucky that is all I have to complain about. It could be worse.

  9. So horrible to hear this happened! I realize it was just a random act of vandalism and only a car, but it's still a violation of your security and peace of mind. Glad to hear everything will be covered by insurance, but still, what a pain to have to deal with it at all.
    Hope you will be all fixed up and back on the road soon!

  10. Thanks, Moxie Tonic for your thoughts and concerns. It is a pain since I have to wait for the new window glass. It has also been storming here at night and I currently have plastic taped over the gaping hole that is my rear driver side door. I just hope the makeshift/temporary fix holds up.

  11. This happened to me a few years ago - I go running and went to a busy local reservoir car park - full of walkers and day trippers. Without thinking, I locked my handbag in the boot (trunk) out of sight, and went for my run. 40 mins later I can back to find both my door locks broken and my handbag gone. Someone had been watching me and in broad daylight, in front of a busy car park full of people, broke into my car. I was gutted. And it cost a fortune to fix the locks and replace my bag & contents. My lesson learned, I never, ever, ever leave anything in my car, on show or otherwise, and I never, ever, park and then store things in the boot. I really hope you get compensated for your loss. Its a shame such scum exist the world over.

  12. Dolly Cool Clare,

    I cannot believe someone broke into your boot! I always hear safety experts say the boot is where to leave your valuables i.e. when you at the gym, shops, etc. I also cannot fathom that people would do nothing if they saw some wanker breaking into a car that was obviously not theirs! I would be phoning the police straight away and probably trying to stop them myself! I know that is not encouraged but I would at least shout out or something!

    The insurance will cover the loss but my window glass has not arrived yet. I have a garbage bin bag taped to my car. It looks so ugly but so far, it keeps the rain out.

    I, too, cannot understand why some think they can violate others like this. Have they no conscience? It is a shame for sure.