Thursday, June 10, 2010

Using Dry Shampoo on Vintage Hairstyles

Here I am wearing my hair in 40s rolls. It was the end of the workday and yet, my hair still held up well.

In the 11 years I have dabbling in the world of vintage hair, I have learned that bobby pins, a rat tail comb, hot rollers or curling iron, and tons of hairspray are vital to do most looks.

However, I have recently discovered dry shampoo sprays. So far, I have tried two different brands, Ojon and Tigi. The Ojon spray is available in two sizes, 4.5 ounces ($24.00 USD) and 2 ounces ($10.00 USD). You can find this product at most Sephora locations and it is also on their website.

The Tigi "Rockaholic Dirty Secret" Dry Shampoo comes in 6.3 ounces and retails for $18.95 USD. Tigi can be found at most salons and in stores like Ulta and Trade Secret.

Both products are sprays that emit a fine powder like mist that works to absorb hair and scalp oils, gives hair volume, and refreshes hair. Dry Shampoo is also great for saving your hair until the next day.

Here is how I use it:

On the day I wash my hair, I style my vintage hair as usual.

Then, after the day is done and I getting ready for bed, I take out all bobby pins and gently comb out any hair spray or hair products that were used to keep my style in place.

I re-roll hair in curls using rags or curlers. I then wrap my head with a scarf and go to sleep.

When I wake in the morning, I take the scarf off my head and then put on a plastic shower cap and take a shower.

After taking shower, I remove shower cap and put on my skincare and then makeup.

After makeup is done, I take out the rags or curlers and gently comb using a wide tooth comb. I then take my Ojon spray and give the can a good shake for about a minute. Then I apply the dry shampoo onto my roots. Now, this is important: after applying the spray, I gently weave my fingers onto the roots and scalp and shake hair back and forth until the powder dries. The spray will feel slight cool and damp but that is okay. This is not ruin my style.

I occasionally shake the can re-activate the shampoo as I work in sections of my hair.

Now that the dry shampoo has been applied, I gently comb my hair using a paddle brush to evenly distribute powder and to smooth out any sections that look too powdery.

Then, I simply restyle my rolls, secure with bobby pins, apply a little hairspray (Elnet is amazing), and I am out the door!

You can also use dry shampoo as a volumizer and 'hair gripper' when doing rolls (even on days you wash and blow dry)! When I was at my salon recently, I overheard one of the stylists telling her client that dry shampoo is good for giving hair more "oomph" and "grip." I took note of this tidbit and when I applied the Ojon spray onto the sections I was to roll, I noticed that my rolls were not only bigger in volume, but also how the bobby pins really stayed in place! I was really impressed!

Whether you prefer Ojon, Tigi, or other brands, you must give dry shampoo a try!


  1. I love dry shampoo and have used it for is amazing.

  2. I agree, Gingeyginge, dry shampoo is brilliant! I had never used it until earlier this year! Until now, I do no know I lived without it! Of all the brands I have tried, Ojon is the best and the scent reminds me of vanilla-infused baby powder.

  3. I've been wanting to try a dry shampoo for a while. Now I know which one to try. Thanks!!

  4. Temperamental,

    If you want try the Ojon, it comes in a small 2 ounce travel size which costs $10 at Sephora in the Cherry Creek Mall. The larger one is 4.5 and costs $24. I know the price steep (at least to me) but it is worth it, especially when it comes to vintage styles and making them last a day longer. The Tigi one is only 'okay.' It does not absorb oil as well and it does not give hair much volume and grip as the Ojon.

  5. I have been toying with using dry shanpoo for the last few months. I was actually thinking about making my own because I found a post with recipes here-

  6. Tres Emme has a dry shampoo now. They also have a 'foam' version for dry hair. It's very affordable. I've had great results with the dry spray.

  7. Marie-Anne,

    Thanks for the comments and tip about Tresemme! I will have to give it a try for sure!

  8. Tart Deco, thanks for the link! I had no idea one could make their own dry shampoo! I just learned how to refill vintage compacts using rubbing alcohol and loose powder last month and so I am definitely going to try the shampoo next!