Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What is in Your Makeup Bag?

When you are out and about, what makeup do you have in your bag (purse, handbag, etc) at all times?

Here is what is in my day-to-day 'survival kit:'

Vintage compact filled with contemporary Coty loose powder in translucent (See my article on how to refill vintage compacts)

Lipstick I am wearing that day

Lip liner that goes with my lipstick of the day

A package of Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets

Contact lens re-wetting eye drops

An empty mini Altoids tin that contains a couple of bobby pins (hair fixes) and safety pins (to temporarily repair any clothing emergency)

So, tell me glamour dolls, what are your daily beauty staples?


  1. Kirby grips, lippy and powder!

  2. Gingeyginge,

    Love your name! I am a ginger too! I have my Dublin-born mom to thank for that!

    Bobby pins (kirby grips), lipstick, and powder are all a girl really needs! I also must have my oil blotting sheets. When it is summer here, my oily skin cannot survive without it.