Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hairstyling Help Needed With "The Baby" Cut

I know I discussed getting my hair color re-touched on Monday. I also talked about how it is often difficult to get vintage hairstyles and/or cuts done at most modern salons. Well, today I went back to my beloved stylist Corry for a haircut. I did some research and found a great vintage haircut diagram link on Community Journal. Even though I printed out "The Middy" and "The Baby" diagrams before my appointment, I stupidly left them in my other car! Thankfully, when I arrived at the salon for my noon time appointment, I was able to find the link again and print what I needed. I then gave the printouts to Corry and due to fact my hair is on the short side, he decided to give me The Baby cut. This cut was apparently standard for women in uniform and was also popular with college girls during the war.

After washing my hair, Corry studied the diagram and cut my hair. He said it was similar to the cut he did to qualify for the state boards for his stylist license. He went on to say that the layers cut in a "U shape" help encourage the curl in hair. That is so what I needed! In the last couple of months as my hair has been growing out, I have been having a lot of trouble getting a good curl whenever I use my ceramic iron or sleep on rollers.

Upon completing the cut, Corry used a round barrel brush to create curl. As I left his chair, I said goodbye, paid, and went back to work. I like my hair cut, but the curl is not really my style. My hair looks more modern than vintage, but that is okay. I simply put in a couple of bobby pins. I will experiment with style when I go home tonight.

So, I have a few questions for you gals: Is there a 'set way' of styling the hair to create vintage looks? I admit that I have no idea. I usually just "wing it" and hope for the best. Also, if anyone has the Baby, Middy, Middy Plus, or Femme Fatale what styling routine works for you? Also, what about hair parting?

I know I am asking a lot but I really have no real clue as where to start. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I have tried using diagrams for pincurl and roller sets but honestly it all tends to look the same. I think the structure of the cut primarily determines how a set turns out, and cuts like the baby and middy usually result in a vintage looking set. I just set all my rollers facing down from my part and then brush it into the shape I like.

  2. Thanks for the comments and tips, Speakeasy! I agree that the u shaped layers will determine the curl pattern.

    Earlier today, I found a blog detailing rag curls. I tried doing them a couple of weeks ago but I think I had no success because I was using old t-shirt material. I think stiffer cotton like old bedsheets would work better. I suspect the stretchy, thin material was just too weak to secure the curl. I have been using velcro rollers but they are uncomfortable to sleep on! I also think I need to do a proper pattern of how I roll my hair. I tend to roll my hair haphazardly and my hair just looks lop-sided! I will be sure to try to roll down from my part. Thanks again!

  3. I don't have the baby but I know with my cut I set the rollers down and toward my face for the front section, and all the stuff in the back just gets rolled down and under. I also usually part it in the middle, because I do the front roll with my bangs and I just think it looks better. I tried to do a more 'Rita' set the other night and it failed miserably. I need to play more but I think the best thing to do with this cut is use bigger rollers and less of them. Also, not to use as much setting lotion. Otherwise, I get a frizzy mess like the one I got on tuesday! Not cute :-(

  4. Oh yeah--I used to do rag rollers. I cut up an old t shirt into long strips, then folded them in half to give them a bit more volume. It worked great! So maybe try that. I found if I didn't double them up they came out too frizzy.

  5. Thank you so much for the information and tips, Temperamental Broad!! I really appreciate it!

    For many years, I would roll/curl my hair down from my part and it always seemed to come out well. However, curling my hair down and toward my face in front sounds very novel. I will try that next!

    In the couple of days I have had my new cut, I have been experimenting and so far, the curl itself really makes my hair look better overall.

    I did try rag curls using strips from one of my husband's old white t-shirts, but I think my hair is still too short. When I try to wrap my damp hair around the strip, it just unfurls and/or the rag (even when tied) slips off. Right now, my hair is 4 inches long per the Baby specifications so I think I need to wait until my hair is longer.

  6. I use small foam rollers on damp hair with Lotta Body setting lotion. I start at the base of my neck, rolling downward, and move up my hair until I get to the crown. At the crown I part my hair on the side, then on the side I want more volume, I use bigger rollers and angle them away from my face and down, slightly diagonally. Then I sleep in a hair net. In the morning if it is not dry then I sit under a hooded hair dryer for a few minutes. It has to be perfectly dry to comb it out right. Then I tease and frizz the heck out of it until it looks like a hot mess. Then you know you are in the right direction. ha ha. Smooth it out with pomade, use bobby pins here and there, and add a bow. Perfect!