Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Latest Etsy Find!

After months of searching, I finally found this beauty! A 50s, red leather handbag! I bought this last week off Etsy. I paid $40.00 including shipping. I am amazed how new the bag looks on the outside and how the inside looks so pristine! I really doubt this bag was barely used, if at all!

Here is the bag with me out at dinner with the husband and my brother-in-law. I know it's a bit odd to be taking pictures at a table in a restaurant. I do not have a phone with a camera so I stole the husband's!

So far, I love this bag! I can fit in my wallet, keys, Blackberry, compact, lipstick, and sunglasses with total ease!


  1. Lovely! And it will go with lots of outfits too :)

  2. Yes, it will, Dolly Cool Clare! Red and black go with so many things! I have a black 50s patent clutch and now this red little number. The next thing I want is a 50s straw tote!