Monday, June 7, 2010

The "Un-Vintage" Side of Me-New Pic Added 6-10-10

After visiting the amazing, Temperamental Broad's blog earlier today, I am inspired to show the "Un-Vintage" side of me too. I have to say that Ms. Temperamental looks gorgeous in anything, vintage or not! I love her style, period!

As for me, I know I say "I wear vintage all time" and I do indeed, but there are times when I cannot or when the occasional calls for something different.

Whenever I go to a VNV Nation show, I wear more of a gothic-influenced style. Think gothic girl meets Betty Grable or Vampira. I love VNV Nation, Informatik, The Cure, Decoded Feedback, Angels and Agony, Suicide Commando, Sisters of Mercy, Razed In Black as well big band and Lady Gaga.

(Here I am having a beer with the husband. This is the style of clothing I wear for going to see VNV)

When I go to Colorado for skiing, I adapt there too. On days I go into town, I will wear my cat eye sunglasses and eyeglasses but I will put on a Lip Service mini plaid skirt, black leggings, wrap hoodie, and combat boots. However, when I go to the high country of Colorado in summer, I will wear my usual vintage. I just can't pull off rayon dresses and platform heels in the snow!

(This is me in a Breckenridge, Colorado pizza joint in January 2010)

When I ski, I will wear ski gear, albeit with red lipstick and cat eye sunglasses.

Here is me ala 'DC professional.' I had a few business meetings with clients that day and needed to wear 'conservative business lady' attire.

But, when all is said and done, I am truly a vintage girl at heart!


  1. Randomly, my sister lives in Breckenridge with her hubby and little boy. I thought background in the pizza joint photo looked familiar, they've taken photos of themselves there too!

  2. Thanks for the lovely compliments!! I think that no matter we do we should always do it with style. Even skiing! Its obvious that you live by that rule because you look fabulous in every photo on your blog! Even when you're going to bed!

  3. Toria,

    That is wild that you recognized the pizza place. It is the new Northside Pizza located on North Main Street in Breckenridge.

    That is cool that you have family there. The husband and I are planning to move just outside of the Breckenridge area in the next year or two. I love it there!

    Do you ski? I assume your sister and brother-in-law do. When did they move there? I hope they love it!

  4. Temperamental Broad,

    You are so welcome! Your style, whatever it is, is fabulous and I love the new haircut!! Gor-ge-ous!

    Thank you for the compliments! I try to look my best, even when skiing. The husband makes fun of me whenever I reapply my lipstick on the ski lift or when we get off the lift. I keep a tube of MAC Russian Red or MAC Show Orchid in my Burton ski jacket's outer pocket at all times! I know it looks odd putting lipstick on when I am on the lift, but I don't care! lol

    As for going to bed, I have a small (yet slowly growing) collection of vintage lounge wear and nightwear. If I am sick, I will just wear a college sweatshirt, Gap tank top, and cotton pj pants. But most nights, I have on my 40s pjs. I am still trying to find a 40s vintage robe/kimono in excellent condition. I need to behave when it comes to shopping, but it is so hard! lol

  5. They snowboard. My brother-in-law tests the jumps for the mountain before opening so he's pretty good and my sister has been snowboarding for many years, all around the world, so she's not too far behind him now. Unfortunately, I've only snowboarded whilst living in New Zealand and was rubbish, I don't think it's something I'll be doing again!

    They moved there a year or so ago after Noah, their son was born and Lizzie(my sister)'s visa had been approved. They're scraping through for the most part but love living there! I'm very jealous as Lizzie's mountains are bigger than my Welsh ones ;)

  6. Toria,

    That is so cool that your sister and BIL (brother-in-law) both snowboard! I hope they teach your Nephew how to snowboard as soon as he is ready! What a great place for him to grow up too!

    I can relate about the mountains not being big enough! The 'little' mountains here (they are about 2-3 hours west) are nothing like the Rockies! They remind of the small hills located just outside the Denver city limits! The Denver locals and 'Front Rangers' call them the "Foot Hills!"

    Also, the Virginia and West Virginia mountain 'resorts' do not get the snowfall like Colorado. Talk about lame! Oh well. I will be moving to Colorado eventually. I just need to be patient! lol