Friday, June 25, 2010

My Vintage Home

Having been inspired by other vintage gals' blogs (especially Temperamental Broad and Va Voom Vintage), I thought I would also share images of my vintage abode with you all. My home was build in 1985 and my husband and I have lived here since the mid-90s. In the beginning, I had no idea what design direction or theme I wanted to invoke. For many years, my house was a mix of "hand-me-down" furniture (mostly 80s) and cheap bits bought from Ikea and Target. Basically, it looked bad!

In 2002, my best friend, Sunny, who is an interior designer, decided to take matters into her own hands! She gave my poor hodgepodge abode a good 'ol fashioned re-imaging/butt-whoopin'! We replaced light fixtures, painted, re-tiled the kitchen, applied stenciling, created some faux finishes, and revamped my home's style. Heck, my house had NO style to begin with and it showed. Now, it still a work in progress (especially the master bed and bath) but it is so much better. I also have been building (slowly) a vintage collection of home wares along with some repro items. This week, I bought a few yards of Eames-era looking geometric fabric and I made a new table runner for the dining room along with matching pillow covers for the living room.

Here is my dining room (most of it):

Here is part of the living room:

Here is my range in the kitchen:

Here another view of the kitchen:

As it stands now, I need to re-carpet the entire upstairs. I re-carpeted the dining and living rooms in 2003, re-tiled the kitchen floor in 2002, and we also have wood flooring on most of the first floor. I also have a sunroom and I will take pictures this weekend. The sunroom was added on to the house by the original owners in their latter years of home ownership. My theme is tropical but I want to update it with a Hawaiian-tiki look. I just need to find some barkcloth fabric with a hibiscus print. What I have found so far is pretty but super expensive! I guess I need to save up for it!

Anyway, I am enjoying the slow transition from modern chaos to vintage comfort. Again, it is times like this that make me wish I had a time machine!


  1. Hi Lady Betty!
    Looks like you are off to a very good start! Going from a contemporary decor to a vintage one takes time. I've been working on my collection for, well, years and years.

    I've also noticed a huge jump in prices for mid century items in the last 5 years. Things I use to be able to get at auctions for nothing now will go for a pretty penny (in regards to my bank account) then of course the dealers will turn around and charge even more when they resell it.

    Love the blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank your for your comments, MaryDeluxe! It is indeed a slow process when it comes to furnishing a vintage home these days!

    I have also noticed the huge increase in prices for vintage housewares, even clothing! I think sellers know they can charge crazy prices. Experienced collectors like us know what we are doing but the average person who purchases an Eames candy dish or atomic bowl to put on the coffee table has no clue of items' value and sellers are going to take advantage!

    Just like collecting pieces from my vintage wardrobe, I need to be patient with the house wares! I also need to be kind to my wallet!

  3. I love your kitchen- And the blue color in the living room is beautiful! I can't wait till I can paint!

  4. Thanks, Brittany! My best friend the designer helped me select the paint colors. She is so amazingly talented! Her home looks like something you'd see featured in Architectural Digest!

    Speaking of paint, my master bath needs major renovation. I want to do real tile (not vinyl) in white and pink checker board style along with bright pink walls! I also plan to do gold starburst stencils. I have so many ideas and I want to do it right!

    I saw your home pictures too and I love your style! I also love how you painted your microwave! Too cool!

  5. Good luck with your transformation- it all takes time, hard work and patience. I'm starting all over again- looking at some not so stunning 70s flower wallpaper in the bathroom, and walls that definitely need a lick of paint. Building a home with vintage pieces and aesthetic takes time- scouring to find that right piece, working out what fits your hip pocket, or sometimes waiting for the right piece to find you. My latest additions to my home came kindly from my best pals who had a bookcase from the 50s furniture maker we both collect, that they didn't need anymore and my entrance has been greeted with a small cupboard from the same maker that I found on a thrifting mission- hunting for nothing in particular (and nearly died when I found it for 30 bucks).
    Keep us informed on how the project goes!
    All the best
    michele xx

  6. Michelle,

    Thanks for your support! I am enjoying the thrill of the hunt and yet it is hard to be patient. Part of me wishes I could clap my hands and presto, my house would be done. I was recently in an antique mall and I found lots of cool things but again, it just wasn't quite right. I love the Eames era and it is hard to find pieces. Now, I found heaps of Victorian and Civil War era furniture and china but the Atomic era stuff is a bit tricky. Again, I need to be patient and keep looking until the right things find me.

    That is cool that you found the cupboard and for so cheap! Lucky! Good luck with updating the bathroom!